EMCS students hold annual spin-a-thon for Tour de Rock

Students hope to raise at least $2000 towards their main goal of $10,000

Students at Edward Milne Community School are putting the pedal to the metalto fundraise for Tour de Rock Cops for Cancer today.

About 50 students, as well as some teachers, are participating in the annual EMCS Spin-a-thon, where they are riding stationary bikes for 12 hours. It runs until 7 p.m. tonight.

Ashleigh Tregear, a Grade 12 student at EMCS who is participating in the event, said the day is very fun because everyone dresses up in costumes and the whole school gets involved.

he students’ goal with the Spin-a-thon is to raise at least $2000 towards their main goal of $10,000 for Tour de Rock. Tregear also organized a bake sale last week which raised around $400.

“I really like how everyone gets in the spirit of it and it’s for such a great cause,” Tregear said.

In coordination with the Spin-a-thon, vice-principal Todd Powell was “arrested” by police officer Cole Brewer, but was let go because of how much money the school is attempting to raise.

“It’s important that we do this because we’ve lost students at this school from cancer, which makes the cause even more real for us. We need to keep it in our minds that cancer is a big thing that we have to deal with, and it’s important to help save people,” Tregear said.


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