Tina Acosta Delgado with her two children as she prepares for a run. Delgado runs to different job sites with her company Elite Garden Maintenance. (Contributed)

Sooke gardening company takes a run at going green

East Sooke business owner runs to work in hopes of helping the environment

Elite Garden Maintenance is running the show when it comes to going green.

Tina Acosta Delgado, owner of Elite Garden Maintenance, has been jogging instead of driving her car to work in hopes of making a positive impact on the environment.

“I love running,” said Delgado. “I felt lazy driving around all the time.

“This way I get exercise, and my kids get to come with me in the stroller and see all of East Sooke.”

Delgado’s husband, Jorge Acosta Delgado, supports his wife in going green although he can’t run because he has to move the heavy equipment around.

“It is a very healthy thing she is doing,” said Jorge Acosta Delgado. “She’s out getting fresh air and it’s great.”

Delgado generally will only run to a job if it’s located in East Sooke, but sometimes if jobs are far away she will drive her car to the area and then run the rest of the way.

Delgado started the gardening company with her husband 12 years ago and the business has managed to spread around Vancouver Island with offices in Sooke and Duncan.

She has been running to work for the past six months, and does not plan on stopping any time soon.

“It would be awesome if we all tried to drive less because we spend so much money on gas and pollute the environment with our vehicles,” said

“Companies will stand out if they’re original, and this just shows that anything is possible.”