Spawning fish


    Sooke Home Hardware plants 11 chestnut trees in Sooke


      McKenna Concert


        EMCS holds annual Spin-a-thon


          Eradication of polio near, thanks to Canadian support

          Global initiative playing a major role in reducing incidence of once-rampant disease

          • Jul 19th, 2017

          History has a lesson for Trudeau, Notley on pipeline issue

          Victoria reader says Horgan, B.C. government not powerless to reject Trans Mountain project

          • Jul 16th, 2017

          More clay courts in Victoria might help Commonwealth Games bid

          Tennis fan advocates for construction of international calibre courts

          • Jul 16th, 2017

          LETTER: Twist on biblical verse ‘cute’

          Letter-writer surprised some would take exception with humorous, harmless column

          • Jul 12th, 2017

          LETTER: A little recogniton goes a long way

          District would do well to acknowledge residents

          • Jul 5th, 2017

          LETTER: Water woes in Otter Point

          Water should be God-given right, says letter-writer

          • Jul 5th, 2017

          LETTER: Is the boardwalk a local secret?

          Sooke boardwalk hidden among the trees

          • Jul 5th, 2017

          LETTER: Paying extravagant salaries doesn’t attract the best people

          There are capable and intelligent people who would be CAO for $100,000 per year, says letter-writer

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          EDITOR: Christy Clark’s last stand

          NDP, Greens should have a shot at governing

          LETTER: He never called Steibel a ‘leftie’

          Letter-writer he was knocking leftist media rubbish

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          Sometimes flaggers a danger to themselves

          Letter-writer says there are three dangers to road flagpersons

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          More expertise needed in hiring

          It certainly looks like some people are feeding at the trough, says letter-writer

          • Jun 28th, 2017