RCMP respond to single vehicle accident on Sooke Road
    Sooke man attempts to break world record in squats to fundraise for B.C. childrens hospital
      Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates 20th anniversary
        Sooke gets ready for the holiday season

          History has a lesson for Trudeau, Notley on pipeline issue

          Victoria reader says Horgan, B.C. government not powerless to reject Trans Mountain project

          • Jul 16th, 2017

          More clay courts in Victoria might help Commonwealth Games bid

          Tennis fan advocates for construction of international calibre courts

          • Jul 16th, 2017

          LETTER: Twist on biblical verse ‘cute’

          Letter-writer surprised some would take exception with humorous, harmless column

          • Jul 12th, 2017

          LETTER: A little recogniton goes a long way

          District would do well to acknowledge residents

          • Jul 5th, 2017

          LETTER: Water woes in Otter Point

          Water should be God-given right, says letter-writer

          • Jul 5th, 2017

          LETTER: Is the boardwalk a local secret?

          Sooke boardwalk hidden among the trees

          • Jul 5th, 2017

          LETTER: Paying extravagant salaries doesn’t attract the best people

          There are capable and intelligent people who would be CAO for $100,000 per year, says letter-writer

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          EDITOR: Christy Clark’s last stand

          NDP, Greens should have a shot at governing

          LETTER: He never called Steibel a ‘leftie’

          Letter-writer he was knocking leftist media rubbish

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          More expertise needed in hiring

          It certainly looks like some people are feeding at the trough, says letter-writer

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          Sometimes flaggers a danger to themselves

          Letter-writer says there are three dangers to road flagpersons

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          LETTER: I cast my vote – and it wasn’t Liberal

          We are suckers; gulping down the lies of politicians hook, line, and sinker.

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          LETTER: Meals on Wheels well worth it

          Letter-writer “very satisfied” with the food and reliability of Meals on Wheels

          • Jun 28th, 2017

          Governor General needed not apologize, Victoria resident says

          Despite being in North America a long time, Canada’s indigenous people didn’t start here, she writes

          • Jun 21st, 2017

          Who thinks this stuff up?

          Plan to plant fruit trees just inviting bear problem, says letter-writer

          • Jun 21st, 2017

          Facts speak for themselves

          Trump’s approval worst of any president, says letter-writer

          • Jun 21st, 2017

          LETTER: Area perfect for so many things

          Reader impressed with area’s architecture

          • May 31st, 2017