Squamish, B.C. named to New York Times’ best travel for 2015 (with VIDEO)

Squamish and Quebec City were the only Canadian cities on the Times' 'To Do' list for 2015, which totalled 52 cities and destinations.

Cedar Grove: a gift offered up

Ron Larson is the Outdoor Guy and he writes about the Sooke area

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression in youth

Dr. Smith is writing a series of articles on mental health

What was your best car?


    Top baby names

    Some names for make and female babies were more popular than others

    • Jan 7th, 2015

    Later Life Ramblings Jan 7, 2015

    Shirley Lower writes about issues of importance to Sooke elders

    Lieutenant Governor sponsors youth environment program

    Grants available for teachers, youth educators to provide hands-on experience with community ecosystem projects

    Twenty things to do for next to nothing in Sooke

    There is plenty to do in both the outdoors and the indoors around Sooke

    2015 begins: Shanghai tragedy, fireworks elsewhere

    Shanghai stampede kills dozens as glittery fireworks, parties elsewhere mark 2015

    • Dec 31st, 2014

    Fear not – there is help for children and youth with anxiety

    Part two of a series on dealing with mental health and youth

    10 ways to stay active

    Just because it's winter it doesn't mean you should just sit there

    • Dec 31st, 2014

    Part III: Youth Dealing with Depression

    We all feel sad from time-to-time – it's a normal and appropriate response to disappointment and loss.

    • Dec 19th, 2014

    Sooke Garden Club wraps up a great year

    Annual general meeting saw awards given to many members

    • Dec 17th, 2014

    Chefs of Sooke: Jojo Villaresis

    Seven years in the making, Jojo opens his own restaurant

    • Dec 17th, 2014

    Part II: Fear Not – There is Help for Children and Youth with Anxiety

    Everyone has times of feeling anxious, scared or fearful. Without it, we would never have survived as humans, writes Dr. David Smith.

    Part 3: Mushrooms to the rescue

    Greenman finishes off series of stories on mushrooms

    • Dec 10th, 2014

    Part I: Mental Health for Children and Youth – How to Get the Help You Need

    Dr. David Smith says 13 per cent of B.C. youth experience a mental health issue every year – 83,700 children under age 19.

    Locals nurture Slow Food

    Sooke's Brooke Fader and Oliver Kienast at Terra Madre Day

    Part 2: Mushrooms for health and wealth

    The Greenman talks about the folk lore and benefits of mushrooms

    Part 1: The mushroom madness

    Greenman of Sooke talks about the delectable fungus

    The Outdoor Guy: on birds and gratitude

    Ron Larson writes about his experiences in the great outdoors around Sooke