LETTER: Slow down, drive safe and stay alive

Otter Point Road a dangerous placefor drivers, pedestrians

On May 13, at 8:13 a.m., I was feeding my horse and out of the blue I saw a small blue car pass a car that was doing the speed limit on Otter Point Road at the corner of Farmer Drive.

Who in their right mind would want to pass anybody on such a dangerous road? Who knows what is coming around the corner in your lane heading straight for you, because people love to cut corners and speed on this windy and twisty road.

To the person in the small blue car: was there an evacuation order for people on Otter Point Road because if there was I missed the warning, or was there a giant fireball coming up Otter Point Road that you had to get out of the way of in order for you to pass this person in such a dangerous spot on the road?

Or maybe you were running late for work. Well, if that was the case, then maybe you should leave about 10 minutes earlier in order to get to work, instead of endangering other people’s lives.

You are lucky that nobody was coming the other way when you passed the person in front of you, as there’s nowhere to go except for the ditch or into a telephone pole, or maybe over the bank and into the bush, as somebody did a year ago on Otter Point Road

Luckily this person survived, but her vehicle did not.

Also, you are lucky there was nobody walking their dog or just out for a walk. There has been many times that I had to jump in the ditch with my dog because of some reckless driver’s driving.

Slow down, drive safe and stay alive.

Cindy Hehn