LETTER: Vote to save our environment

Election is a chance to ensure the health of the B.C. coast, says letter-writer

Vote to save environment

The upcoming provincial election is our chance to ensure the future health and economic well-being of our beautiful B.C. coast.

The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline will send a dilbit loaded tanker past southern Vancouver Island nearly every day, 365 times a year.

History shows an accidental spill is inevitable and the local health, economic and environmental effects will be devastating.

To impose such a significant risk on our citizenry is unacceptable and we should let our candidates hear our opposition. Ask them how they will protect coastal citizens’ health, businesses and property from the volatile, carcinogenic, organic solvents used by the oil industry to make dilbit flow, once it evaporates into the air, and from the severe toxic aerosols derived from the dispersant used during any attempted clean up.

In Sooke, we have a valuable whale watching and recreational fishing industry attracting tourists from all over the world. I urge everyone to please get out and vote on May 9 and make it a vote for our citizen’s health and our existing coastal economy, and a vote for a clean environmental legacy we can pass on to future generations.

Roland Alcock


Liberals sent

work to Poland

The Liberals talk about creating jobs in B.C., but the two B.C. Ferries built in Poland could have been built here, as in the past.

The decision put 200 people out of work at the ship yards. Wages would have been spent here, taxes paid to the government, supplies bought here, etc.

It could have been a win-win situation.

Premier Christy Clark says the Liberals will create more jobs, well they just sent the jobs to Gdansk, Poland.

Gordon Stewart