LETTERS: Bear situation in Sooke worrisome

Re: No easy answers for ICBC mess (B.C. Views, Aug. 30)

A further cost saving measure would be offering basic auto coverage online. Virtually every other type of insurance is available online including optional car insurance.

If the new government feels strongly about the previous government taking money from ICBC they should give it back. The surplus was paid for by the drivers of British Columbia and B.C. Hydro customers.

Ed Lien


I just wanted to express my concern about the bear situation in Sooke.

Late at night I was in Ed Macgregor Park and ran into a group of school-aged kids.

One of the girls told me she was afraid a bear would hurt her. As I have encountered the animals before, I gave her the worst advice: “Ah, don’t worry about them.” That’s the worst thing to say.

For both the people and the bears, I hope we can safely transport these beasts to the wilderness.

Christian Lockhart