Another View: How would you define a hero?

Sooke resident says calling everyone a "hero" dilutes meaning

Editorial: Taxes and the need for them

Reducing taxes is not always the solution in municipal budgets

Editorial: When a community gets caught in strife

Being locked out of schools causes grief for Sooke groups

Editorial: Who will run for the mayor’s chair?

No one has yet come forward to say they want to be the mayor of Sooke

Editorial: A place to gather is needed in Sooke

A community centre may require Sooke to borrow money

Another View: ‘No’ to motorized vehicles in CRD park

JdF director Mike Hicks states the CRD's stance on Sea to Sea lands

Editorial: Memories can be rather short

Sooke council blames previous administration for lack of information

Editorial: Conferences are not vacation “perks”

Sending council members on conferences before election is irresponsible

Sooke teachers were on the picket line on Monday

Another View: Mediator needed in ugly dispute

Acting editor for Goldstream Gazette talks about teachers' strike

Sooke teachers were on the picket line on Monday

Editorial: Legislature offers more than politics

Editor's visit to the legislature full of interesting sights and information

Editorial: The long and short of four-year terms

Municipal elections positively go to four-year terms

Editorial: Accessing park is a devisive issue

Access off Harbourview Road is causing dissension in Sooke

NDP Leader John Horgan

Another View: Horgan outlines his approach as leader

Guest column and views by BC NDP Leader John Horgan

NDP Leader John Horgan

Editorial: Mothers provide a strong foundation

Mother's Day is a celebration of the influential women in our lives

Editorial: Strangling local government

Conflict of Interest ruling is hampering government

Editorial: Conflicts of interest hamstring council

Declarations of conflict prevent council from doing business

David Black

Editorial Opinion: Refinery would help protect coastline

David Black expresses his opinion tankers carrying bitumen

David Black

Editorial: Let the election games begin

It is only seven months to go before the municipal election

Editorial: The business of community

The community of Sooke helps local businesses thrive

Editorial: A strong community requires a team

Youth seem to know a lot more about team spirit than adults