Editorial: Alliances and allegiances reign

Maneuvering in council could lead to defeat in election

Editorial: Consider the tax implications

Concern has been shown as to taxes paid by medical marijuana production facilities

Another View: Everything goes up except wages

Proposed two-week spring break is not popular with parent

Editorial: The slow erosion of democracy

Political decisions made without public input not democratic

Another View: Spinning employment projections

The numbers on employment projections don't add up

Editorial: Fresh, new faces needed on council

The prospect of four-year council terms raises questions

Editorial: Launching a solution in difficult

District of Sooke council struggling with parking/operation solution

Editorial: What is a volunteer worth?

The value of volunteers cannot be measured in money

Editorial: We are all human after all

Some guidelines when commenting in the paper or online

Editorial: Profits shouldn’t override amenity

Community amenities should be built sooner rather than later

Editorial: The ‘A’ word comes back to haunt us

Amalgamation is being talked about all across the CRD

Letters: Fletcher doesn’t have the facts

Letter writer questions Tom Fletcher's facts on pipelines

Editorial: Is any publicity good publicity?

Lack of volunteer fire fighters a big issue in rural Sooke

Editorial: Marijuana use must be decriminalized

With government regulated commercial grow ops, time is right to change laws

Editorial: Hook ’em up to water source

Lack of potable water in rural areas of concern to residents

Editorial: 2013 was not a dull year in Sooke

Editorial deals with what makes a great community newspaper in Sooke - readers!

Editorial: What Christmas means to me

The real meaning of Christmas and the holiday season demonstrated by kids

Another View: Premier looks back on 2013

Legislative reporter/columnist Tom Fletcher has a year-end talk with Premier Clark

Editorial: Giving has its own rewards

Giving can make a difference to your mental health

Editorial: Adding up the cost of development

Proposed amendments to the amenity contribution policy elicts response