Editorial: Retain amenity contributions

Amenity contributions not the reason for lack of development in Sooke

Another View: Untangling oil pipeline politics

Columnist Tom Fletcher talks about Alberta and B.C. and oil pipelines

Editorial: Poverty can happen to anyone

Many people are just one pay cheque away from poverty

Editorial: A time to consider local artisans

Many local entrepreneurs are creating art for giving

Op-Ed: Time running out for killer whales

MP Randall Garrison is introducing a motion to save resident killer whales

Editorial: It’s that time of year again…

The switch to standard time means changes have to be made

Editorial: Council’s role is about community

A brief discussion on what the role of a municipal councillor is and isn't

Editorial: No one should pay for our play

Continued costs of finishing public boat launch irks writer

Editorial: Using children to gain moral ground

The question is raised as to whether children should be used for emotional appeals

Editorial: Respect for all viewpoints works

The best thing for the most people is the way to succeed

Editorial: Just get ‘er done, please

The burned out building in Sooke's town centre is becoming an eyesore

Editorial: Putting the brakes on park demands

Proposed bike skills park has detractors and supporters

Editorial: Our View September is the time to get going

September brings its own beginning in the community

Editorial: Accomplish a lot in last half term

There are many projects in Sooke that need to be finished or settled

Editorial:Fashioning our own future

Having design guidelines in Sooke would do a lot for business

Hard Pressed – BIg hearts in a caring community

There is a reason why a small community is the place to be

Editorial: Let the users play for their play

District of Sooke is not responsible to provide recreation for everyone

Editorial: Take the lead in housing options

Three different types of housing comes before district council

Editorial: Dubious eggs or real possibilities?

Residents being evicted are part of the cycle of two-way poverty

Editorial: Libraries are community places

Sooke spends a lot of money to maintain very small library