Our View: Pumping the tires on cycling

People in Sooke are both for and against building a bike skills park

Editorial: Public process appears flawed

When decisions are made prior to public input it seems undemocratic

Editorial cartoon: May 29

Britt Santowski is the Sooke News Mirror's editorial cartoonist

Editorial: Respect is earned

All about elections and politicians, local and provincial

Editorial: Is this the time for change?

Are the Liberals or the NDP going to win in the May 14 election?

Editorial: Sooke is a corporation

Writer discusses how a municipality and a corporation are alike

Another View: Fences protect wildlife and livestock

Comments on the importance of protecting all animals

Our View-April 10

District of Sooke community grants are not guaranteed

Editorial: Making the most of Sooke

Visitors and tourists to Sooke want good customer service

Price fixing is illegal

According to Canada’s Competition Bureau, price fixing is illegal.

Two-week March break too costly

Downloading costs to parents by stretching March break to two weeks is unacceptable.

Letters: How far back do we go?

When it comes to addressing past wrongs, how far back does the hand of justice go?

Editorial: For the people, all the people

Councillors and mayors should remember who they are working for

Editorial: On guilt and innocence

Two men charged with sexual assault had difference outcomes

Editorial: Become a leader in social housing

Sooke needs to get developers to build affordable homes

Editorial: A platform for change

Writing about issues facing Sooke brings people out to help

Editorial: All talk and no action

Little town of Sooke needs to make changes to attract tourists and retirees

Editorial: Access and egress in Sooke

Some people in Sooke want a Tim Hortons, but ca the road take it?

Editorial: United we stand, divided we fail

Decisions made by District of Sooke council not always unanimous

Editorial: Getting our attention

Editorial offers some tips on how to get your event into the paper