Elida Peers

SOOKE HISTORY: Broome Hill Golf and Country Club

Building on Otter Point Road was once the hub of Sooke's social life

SOOKE HISTORY: Sooke home to an Irish renegade

Capt. Bowen-Colthurst’s biggest claim to fame was in 1916 in Ireland, when he took part in quelling the Easter Uprising

SOOKE HISTORY: Remembering George Miller

George Miller – surveyor, family man, community activist and volunteer – was full of community spirit.

School system was a tightly-knit family

One-room schoolhouse served Otter Point from 1913 to 1952

SOOKE HISTORY: Seal boat captains familiar sight in local waters

From the 1860s to 1911, when the industry was outlawed, the hunt for fur seals occupied many men on the West Coast.

SOOKE HISTORY: Sooke’s 16-year-old teacher

Christina Irvine began teaching in Sooke in 1876 and stayed for three terms

SOOKE HISTORY: Port Renfrew waterfront: 1925

This scene indicates the importance that San Juan Bay and Port Renfrew have occupied throughout the years.

Sooke History: Local vessel helped Sooke expand fish trap industry

The Hopkins, 61’6” in length and 17’ 6” in breadth, was built in 1909 at Howe Sound for the Hopkins brothers.

B.C.’s first sheriff was a Sooke resident

Pioneer Andrew Muir arrived from Scotland and worked in North Island coal mines before moving to Sooke.

SOOKE HISTORY: Charlie Perkins birthday party

We have all said goodbye to many good friends in the past decade.

SOOKE HISTORY: Sooke a significant regional training site during Second World War

During the Second World War, two army training camps were located in our region, along with a number of lookout posts

Sooke mailman Tommy Seward made his rounds even in the snow

The motor car brought vast improvement to mail delivery

Sooke History: The Sooke kids and their kids

Sooke's first 4H club was a success when it began in 1953.

Sooke History: Sheilds family packs ‘wallop of a punch’ in Sooke history

Of British origin, James Sheilds had reached Sooke by way of the California gold rush and a stopover in Victoria.

Sooke History: The first family of fishing

Britisher William Vowles Sr., and his wife Ada emigrated to America with their children in 1912.

SOOKE HISTORY: Sooke Royal Canadian Legion, 1927

This 1927 photo was taken in front of the historic Curtis Muir house.

Sooke History: Romance of the steam railway

In addition to the freight trains, the CNR operated a passenger service using a gas car on the track from Victoria as far as Sooke Lake.

SOOKE HISTORY: Lady clam diggers

The photo came to us from Flora Brown Manion; it’s Flora’s mother Mary Jane Brown who is wearing the stylish wide-brimmed hat.

SOOKE HISTORY: Milne’s Landing High School 1946

A crosscut saw being welded on the grounds of the high school today would probably be unbelievable, but in 1946, it was normal

SOOKE HISTORY: Woodruff House

George Woodruff and his wife Mary Ann Turpin are seen in this photo taken in the early 1900s on Sooke Road