Jusu is now offering hemp-infused products. (Courtesy Jusu)

Jusu is now offering hemp-infused products. (Courtesy Jusu)

Jusu adds hemp extract to the menu in Greater Victoria

Food and beverage product to be enhanced with hemp extract

Food, beverage and skincare brand Jusu launched new products containing hemp extracts.

The new beverage range includes hemp oil infused cold-pressed juices, elixirs and shots which are now available at Jusu Bar locations in British Columbia and Alberta.

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“In 2014 we set out to change the way people look at their health. Since the federal government approved the legalization of cannabis there has been a fresh wave of attention on cannabis and its derivatives,” said Bruce Mullen, Jusu founder and CEO. “We have been tracking the momentum of CBD [cannabidiol] in the health and wellness world, and with many scientific studies now confirming it may help alleviate chronic pain and anxiety, we thought legalization day was the right time to offer the benefits to our customers.”

He said the new hemp-specific products on the menu also provide the option to add hemp to any pre-existing beverage or smoothie products.

“The main benefit of hemp oil is anti-inflammation. We all know that every disease, injury and ailment is caused by cellular inflammation. Consuming hemp when you are injured or ill helps with inflammation and therefore ease symptoms and pain. Consuming this extract when you are healthy is a proactive approach to superior health.” added Jusu holistic nutritionist, Kathi Ells.


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