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Beefs & Bouquets

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CREATIVE, COLOURFUL BOUQUETS and fresh floral tiaras to everyone involved in the Sooke Music and Arts Festival. What a great time! We enjoyed an excellent lineup of performers appealing to all age groups and a festive atmosphere with bubbles, floral tiaras, and dancing. Kudos to the organizers who must have spent countless hours on this, the performers, the volunteers, the vendors, food trucks and everyone else.

TWO THUMBS down to people who wander back and forth over the shoulder of the road when they drive on the highway.

Before the flowers fade away in the fall, I want to offer a huge bouquet to many people who have shown me help in the 10 months I have been here. I am the “little old lady” with the four-wheel walker who sometimes needs assistance. I have Parkinson’s disease, and I won’t get any better. Those who offer help make my day easier.

GOING TO A RESTAURANT is supposed to be a pleasant opportunity to meet friends despite higher costs. However, many turn away customers with loud music that stops conversations. Smarten up if you want return customers.

A BIG, BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET to Sooke Hospice Society, which provided such a welcoming home and presence for my husband’s death with medical assistance. To Jane Beddows especially, whose abundant kindness and empathetic presence gave us so much comfort. Jane’s respectful attention to detail made my husband’s last moments comfortable and safe. I so appreciate Jane’s flexibility to stay by my side even when there was a delay in the arrangements. Thank you, Sooke Hospice, for your dedicated services.

BEEF TO BRIDES AND GROOMS who have lots of energy to put up their huge wishlists online, but fail to send any thanks or acknowledgement for gifts given. Did it get there? Did you like it? It’s been five months now. Was it stolen off the porch? What’s wrong with a thank you card or even a simple text?

HUGE BOUQUET to all my Sooke and East Sooke bottled water delivery customers. It’s been an honour to provide service to you for the last four years.

I BOUGHT A NEW MATTRESS from a bedding store and was told the mattress could be flipped, and came with a 10-year warranty, but as it turns out neither was true. The mattress failed after eight months with sagging in the middle, and the company would not honour its so-called 10-year warranty. First purchase from them, but never again. Buyer beware.

BOUQUET TO M.C. for the excellent job of clearing out the no man’s land between the fence and curb.

BEEF TO GAS STATIONS for charging so much for flex-fuel gas. It’s made up of up to 85 per cent ethanol alcohol and when gas goes up in price, flex-fuel goes up an equal amount. You are ripping off the customers.

BOUQUET TO THE LADY on the new section of Highway 14. You got out of your car safely while waiting for the light to change to put back a pylon that had toppled over into the lane. You’re a prime example of citizenship. I pointed this out to my six-year-old grandchild to show her what good citizens do for their community.

BEEF TO GOVERNMENTS for failing to stem the increasing number of loud cars and trucks. Extensive research proves the physical and mental damage caused by noise, yet the sale of enhanced exhaust systems continues. There must be something we can do about it.


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