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Beefs & Bouquets

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A BIG BOUQUET of calla lilies to my husband. Thank you for your unconditional love. On our anniversary of 19 years married next week, know that I’m the lucky one.

BEEF TO THE VINDICTIVE, self-righteous and power-obsessed president of the strata council. Stop being unreasonable to residents, and definitely stop making up new rules that only serve your own interest.

TO THE HONEST SOUL who found my credit card at the Sooke soccer field and turned it into the staff at the snack bar. Not only did you save me a lot of time and grief, but you also renewed my faith in the honesty of the average person.

BOUQUET TO ANY COP willing to stop the speeding reckless driving on Grant Road. The amount of people on cellphones and speeding is ridiculous, especially that Audi.

THANK YOU TO THE PERSON in the Western Foods grocery store on who, when I was experiencing some serious back pain, helped me find an item, reached up to get it and place it in my cart.

BEEF TO THOSE COMPLAINING about the trees in the middle of the roundabout. Don’t worry about the cars on the other side, worry about that car on your left that you’re about to cut off because you don’t know how to use a roundabout.

BOUQUET TO SOOKE FIRE RESCUE, 911 dispatcher, paramedics and hospital staff who go above and beyond their duty everyday.

BEEF TO THE DRIVER of the truck towing a trailer on Highway 14, you cut me off when changing lanes. Your driving is unsafe; you need to learn how to use your mirrors.

BOUQUET To my fellow workers in the trades or trucking. Remember, we are the ones who keep this whole show going.

BEEF To all the families abusing the health-care workers at the hospital and at care homes. If you are not satisfied, take your relative home and care for them yourself.

BOUQUET To the kind lady who came into my work last week and told me that I was pretty. It made my day. You are such a kind and beautiful soul.

BEEF To the organization losing staff. Maybe there’s a common denominator. Perhaps exit interviews would be beneficial? Or some board oversight? Embarrassing. Time to ask questions and listen to the answers.

BOUQUET To the staff at Bosley’s. Your staff are also so pleasant. It’s always a pleasure to do business there.

WHERE PEOPLE are you will always find rats. Used to be if you saw one rat you could be guaranteed there were at least 50 more. As long as we humans continue to be so careless and neglectful with trash, inviting vermin to help themselves will continue.

BOUQUET To the staff of Vic General emergency room who went above and beyond to help an injured student. You know who you are. In a system that hits the headlines for stress and burnout, you have the heart – kind and compassionate. Thank you. You made our day.

SOMEONE AT COFFEE COMMENTED about the people experiencing homelessness and addictions having more rights than tax-paying citizens. Seems to be the truth.

BOUQUET TO TINA who rescued me on the highway when my car broke down.

BOUQUET To the staff at Bosley’s on Bowen Road. Your staff are also so pleasant. It’s always a pleasure to do business there.


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