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(Metro Creative photo)

East Sooke group welcomes singers

East Sooke Rough Voice Singers practice on first Monday of month

You might not be blessed with the soulful, power-house lungs of Whitney Houston, or the flawless, raspy vocal range of Robert Plant, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sing in public.

An East Sooke singing group is encouraging even the most untalented of singers to come out from behind the shower curtain, and start belting it out at the East Sooke Community Hall.

The East Sooke Rough Voice Singers group has been in the works since last September, and they practice on the first Monday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m.

“We welcome anybody who wants to join us for these uplifting sing-alongs. Our name Rough Voice Singers is an indication that we are folks who love to sing, even though some of us are not as gifted as others,” said the group in a press release.

“If you enjoy music, and want a night out meeting some great people, why not join us? We have wonderful musicians from East Sooke, Metchosin, and Sooke who help us keep on key.”

The group is open to people of all ages, and from all communities.

For more information, please contact Dale Morrison by email at dalemorrison@shaw.ca.


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