A twist on traditional lunches is sometimes all it takes to make them fun. (iStock photo)

A twist on traditional lunches is sometimes all it takes to make them fun. (iStock photo)

Five easy lunch box ideas to satisfy all tastes

A twist on some traditional lunch ideas to make them fun for kids

A lot of kids can be picky eaters and finding snacks and healthy lunch options that keep them happy can be a challenge. Even if your child isn’t a picky eater, it can still be challenging to find lunch ideas every week. Here are five easy lunch ideas that should satisfy even the most stubborn little ones.

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1. Who doesn’t love a good smear of hummus? Well, kids are no exception to that, especially if you make it look cool. Just remember, the more interesting it looks, the more likely they will be to eat it. Try making the hummus look like a star, heart or happy face on a piece of pita bread. You can back that with salami, carrots, cherry tomatoes or grapes.

2. Picnic lunches are a favourite for kids of all ages – even just the young at heart – so whether you’re having an indoor picnic on a rainy day or sending this fun lunch with your child to school, jazz it up and make it an event. For ideas of what to pack, try some of your go-to items from weekends. Who doesn’t love a cold chicken leg? Pack it with potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon, broccoli with ranch dip and a treat to round it out.

3. Pack a boiled egg or two with crackers, cheese, carrots and half a ham sandwich. You can even dress it up to look like a chicken coop.

4. Sometimes a new perspective is all it takes. Rolling sliced deli meat, such as turkey, ham or roast beef, around a cheese stick with cream cheese and even some greens can really dress up this everyday lunch item. Pack with whole wheat pretzels, celery, cinnamon-sprinkled apple slices or another healthy treat.

5. Everything is better on a stick. Chicken skewers or sausage kebabs, packed on sticks for the slightly older kids, can be a fun treat at lunch time. Pack with rice, sliced cucumbers, sliced mango, or yogurt-covered pretzels.

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