Learn the basics of board governance

Learn the basics of board governance

A free presentation at Edward Milne Community School on June 19

Are you a member of a board in Sooke or interested in becoming one? Here’s an opportunity to learn or brush-up on the basics of effective board governance, planning and organization from a long-standing expert on the subject.

Hosted by the EMCS Society, the evening will provide an overview of best practices for boards and their members operating under the BC Societies Act.

Volunteer Victoria’s executive director Lisa Mort-Putland is the guest presenter at a 90-minute seminar at Edward Milne Community School on Monday, June 19.

According to the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre, there are 180+ non-profit clubs, organizations and charities in the region, many of them registered as societies.

Subjects and themes Mort-Putland will explore include:

• Roles, responsibilities and legal duties

• Organizational purposes and strategies

• Working effectively as individuals and as a team

• Behaving with integrity in open, accountable fashion

• Celebrating the past, focusing on the present, visioning the future

• Seven types of boards: What’s best for your organization?

• Next steps: Devolve, evolve, stand pat or major change?

Mort-Putland will also provide guidance on how societies can transition to the new B.C. Societies Act, which all registered societies in the province must be in accordance with by December 2018.

The seminar runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and is free. To register, please email rvasey@sd62.bc.ca or phone (250) 642-6371.