Local superhero gets his cape

Local superhero gets his cape

Sooke resident “Moonfist” honoured for all his effort keeping community clean

Many residents of Sooke have probably seen their local superhero in the flesh, but now they’re likely to recognize him a little bit more easily.

Known around the community as “Moonfist,” he was presented with a ceremonial cape today at Stick in the Mud Coffee House for all of his efforts towards keeping Sooke clean.

Moonfist has been tidying the community for years and has asked nothing in return.

“Today we honoured a very special member of our community who always just gives from the heart to make Sooke a better place,” said Mayor Maja Tait. “I love the light heartedness of this.”

She explained the caping was a nice, humorous way to honour him for all his hard work, at one of his favourite hangouts and in front of his peers.

“For years we see him on every corner of our community picking up litter and because of him people have stopped littering so much. (They’re) helping out keeping the area clean and that’s just where you see the ripple effect of one person’s ongoing steadfastness and efforts,” said Tait.

Many people came out to honour Moonfist, including his friend Brenda Parkinson. She thinks it’s great that he has so much support from the community.

“He inspires young people and different organizations to do special clean ups around town, so he’s a great role model,” said Parkinson. “You can tell by the look on his face, he feels very grateful to know there’s so many people that care about him and I think he’s really happy with how today went.”

Speaking after the unofficial caping, Moonfist said he was overwhelmed by the gratitude he’s received and was happy to see so much positive change in the community from when he first started cleaning it.

“What’s really kept me going is feeling like I’m doing something worth it,” said Moonfist. “I have the ability to do it. I don’t have the abilities I used to have before I retired, but I have the ability to keep going as hard as I can while I can.”


Local superhero gets his cape

Local superhero gets his cape