Neighbour offers couple a helping hand

Sandy Pedersen is waiting for a liver transplant, and her husband Mike is suffering from liver problems too.

When the light fades and things seem bleak, sometimes all one can do is turn to family and community to guide us throughthe darkness.

There’s certainly no shortage in the world of illness and struggle, but when it happens right next door to you, it’s hard tomiss. For Sooke resident, Phylis Surenhagen it struck a loud chord, after she learned her next door neighbours, Sandy andMike Pedersen, are both sick and in need of help.

Sandy is waiting for a liver transplant, while her husband has had liver issues for years. As a result, neither are working at themoment, making things tough.

“It’s really sad. I’ve helped out as much as I can, but I’m just on a pension,” Surehagen said, who donated some items to thecouple around Christmas time last year. Now, she hopes the community can step in as well.

In some ways, Sooke has already stepped up. A resident offered to fix up their old van, and a gofundme page was created toassist them with medical bills and living costs.

Community aide has dried up though, so Surehagen aims to raise awareness on