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Petition addresses traffic gridlock 'crisis' in Sooke

Petitioners are calling for immediate attention from the B.C. Government to address their concerns
A traffic delay on Sooke Road near Kangaroo Road following a car crash.

More than 500 people have signed a petition calling on the B.C. government to take immediate attention to address the traffic gridlock in Sooke, BC, concerned about its impact on commuters, local businesses, the environment, and emergency services. 

“The current pace of improvements is not acceptable,” said petition starter, Susan J. “All hands must be on deck to solve the current transportation corridor crisis and expand existing plans. We need to speed up additional near, mid, and future plans to reduce community vulnerability on all levels.”

The petition raises concerns regarding prolonged travel times, financial burdens, and decreased quality of life experienced by commuters. It also claims local businesses are impacted by economic losses, frustrated clientele, and delivery disruptions, while highlighting the environmental toll of traffic congestion, with pollution exacerbating health risks and endangering wildlife habitats.

The petition claims the impact on emergency services is of particular concern, due to the compromised response times for fire, ambulance, and police services posing significant risks during health emergencies and disasters.

The traffic is primarily the result of limited road infrastructure that cannot keep pace with the area's growing population and construction, with traffic increasing by 25 per cent in the last decade. In an April 2024 interview with Sooke News Mirror, former district councillor Ron Doumont said it takes him 30 minutes to drive four miles to his home in Sooke. 

According to the petition, in 2023, all levels of government acknowledged the importance of addressing highway congestion with statements related to upgrades on Highway 14. “However, while these improvements are essential, they are not sufficient," noted the petition. "The ongoing congestion illustrates the urgent and immediate need for comprehensive infrastructure development that matches the pace of both mandated and organic population growth."



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