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Preparing for wildfire season in Sooke

Broombusters event on Sunday, June 2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Being prepared for a wildfire can mean the difference between a devastating event and a tragedy averted.

With that in mind, Broombusters is collaborating with the District of Sooke on a wildfire preparedness event on Sunday, June 2 as an opportunity for community members to come together to help FireSmart an area and learn valuable strategies to protect homes and properties from wildfires.

The event will include clearing flammable vegetation and debris to create a safer environment, and information on how to fire-smart your home and property, including tips on creating defensible space and using fire-resistant building materials. Participants will also learn how to develop an emergency plan for their family, including evacuation routes and emergency supply kits.

“We want to empower our community with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves from wildfires,” said Sooke Fire Chief Ted Ruiter. “This event is a great way to come together, make a difference, and ensure we are all better prepared for an emergency, such as the threat of wildfire.”

The event takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Stickleback Urban Trail Head near Journey Middle School on Ponds Park Corridor.

Participants should wear appropriate clothing, and bring gloves and any personal tools they have for vegetation clearing, if possible. Water and light refreshments will be provided.

Organizers encourage people to take advantage of the event and make a positive impact in their community and enhance your own wildfire preparedness.

As always, carpooling and alternative modes of transportation are encouraged for District events. Parking is available nearby at Journey Middle School.

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