Saseenos active during Literacy Week

Sooke elementary school students write about happenings at Saseenos

Literacy Week at Saseenos Elementary – March 31 – April 4, 2014

Literacy Week at Saseenos Elementary was really fun!

We did all sorts of activities every day of the week. We did a ton activities that most students did not know how to at first. On Monday, we had an assembly to explain what Literacy Week was going to be. First we had Mrs. Haddad’s Grade 3/4 do a little skit to show us the activities and then Mr. Sulzen’s Grade 4/5 class did a presentation. The whole school played a game called Literacy Pursuit. The Kindergarten class was paired with the Grade 3/4s. There were teams for each game and each team had to answer questions on fairy tales. The team with highest correct answers won the game. I was on Team B and even though my team lost we had a lot of fun.

On the third day of Literacy Week we had Dana Waite, the editor of The Paper Mache, a newspaper for students, visit our school. She told us how we could make our writing interesting. We had guest readers visit our school every day. We also got to dress up as our favorite book character.

On Friday, the Sooke Lion’s Club made pancake breakfast for the whole school. Friday was also our Poem in Your Pocket Day.

Literacy Week was a lot of fun.

By Kira Marie F and Amy Lee E, Division 1