Save the fire department time, have an address sign

Sooke Fire Department encourages community to make address signs more visible

Save the fire department time, have an address sign

Help yourself and Sooke Fire Rescue out in the case of an emergency by making your address sign clearly visible from street.

The deparment is offering to draw up and install reflective address signs for the community. The signs cost $20 to $30 depending on the size, and can be either red, blue, black, or green in colour.

Firefighters suggest putting an address sign a the end of your driveway, so that they can find your house more easily when responding to an emergency.

“It lessens our time that we respond,” said training officer Matt Barney. “If we have a hard time trying to find the address and have to go door to door trying to find the right place, it takes up a lot of time.”

He suggested that if you already have an address sign to try and maintain it, not let it get overgrown and make it as visible as possible.

“In their time of need it will decrease our time to get there,” said Barney.