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Sooke Beefs & Bouquets

Share your Beefs and Bouquets with us by emailing
Have a compliment to pay for a kind person you encountered? Got a gripe about something? Share your Beefs and Bouquets with us by emailing (Sooke News Mirror file)

BOUQUET AND MANY THANKS to the Good Samaritan who found my lost purse. I was so upset on my forgetfulness and your kind act relieved me of all my frustrations. Pleased to know that there are honest people in our town. You are a good person.

MINE IS MORE OF A QUESTION. Can you dog owners who leave gift-wrapped bags of dog poop by the side of the trails explain the logic behind this practice? In addition to leaving your dog’s poop behind for other trail walkers to come across, you have now added plastic all along these beautiful areas?

BEEF to those who take up the handicap spots at Whiffin Spit and never leave your car. Please, drink your coffee and eat your lunch in a regular spot, leave those spots open for the folks who need them.

BOUQUET to the new Galloping Goose shuttle, which has made its business fully accessible. It has wheelchair ramps, flexible sizing on e-bikes, and an electric hand cycle. More businesses should prioritize diverse population needs from the start. Highly recommended!

A BIG BEEF to those who destroyed a memorial bench in Jordon River and spray-painted “land back” on parked vehicles. The memorial bench was for Toby Childs, a young faller who died in a falling accident. He died working. A concept you don’t understand. Come out of the shadows where cowards like you always hide.

A BOUQUET to anyone who can explain why creating two lanes doubles the speed of traffic from 60 km/h to 120 km/h? I don’t know how many times I’ve nearly been run over trying to merge off the new (intended to be safer) Gillespie Road interchange! It’s not my fault they couldn’t afford a merge lane going west!  Slow the fluff down!

BEEF to the people who let their dogs poop everywhere and don’t bother to clean it up.

BEEF to the mom in the store lineup who told her toddler more than once that she was “being a jerk” in an angry voice. The child was only touching a few things on the shelf; she was not being disruptive.

BEEF to all the litterbugs in Sooke dropping garbage everywhere. Parks, streets, front lawns and sidewalks littered with fast food containers, masks, bags of pet waste, clothes and other items. Disgusting behaviour. Bouquets to me and everyone else picking up the rubbish.

A HUGE PIECE of rotten beef to the gentleman who verbally assaulted me after being in the wrong in the parking lot. Verbally assaulting a woman when she is alone and then trying to find her in the parking lot is assault. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have no idea what people have been through in their lives and what trauma you cause by acting like that. Next time, keep your thoughts to yourself and keep yourself in check when you’re the one in the wrong.

BEEF TO THE BEEFER who complained cars weren’t yielding to them pulling out of the parking stall. I suggest you read the driver’s handbook again. You don’t have the right of way and must yield to cars in the driving lane. Simply put, if there’s a car driving in the lane, you must stop and let them go by before proceeding.

BEEF TO ALL THE PEOPLE who feel it is OK to abandon their pets and leave them alone to their own devices in public places. There are plenty of rescue centres where they can be dropped off with no questions asked. It is the least you can do after taking on the commitment of another living being. Shame on you.


Have a compliment to pay for a kind person you encountered? Got a gripe about something? Share your Beefs and Bouquets with us by emailing

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