Sooke community paves path to Indigenous reconciliation

Sooke community paves path to Indigenous reconciliation

Dawn Gibson

Sooke News Mirror

The community is invited to embrace themselves the history of Indigenous culture by attending the Reconciliation Gathering in Sooke on Tuesday (Nov. 14).

The meeting is being held at the T’Souke Band Hall, 2154 Lazzar Rd., from noon to 2, and will feature author Monique Gray Smith, who recently published a book called Speaking Our Truth a Journey of Reconciliation.

This is the first of a series of monthly meetings that will be held, which will be based around books, guest speakers and films involving indigenous culture.

“Our idea is to have people interact with each other on an even playing field. Indigenous or not, everyone is welcome and encouraged to come. Reconciliation is a two way street,” said Edith Newman, an organizer of the event.

Newman said the idea for the meetings started out as just a book club, but now expects them to be filled with discussion and exercises to try and open up a dialogue about reconciliation.

She explained that Indigenous culture is very important to her because her husband and children are of First Nation decent.

“If people have better understanding of who the indigenous people are and understand where they come from, I think it will be a more equal kind of environment for all of us to live in,” said Newman.