Sooke Council may find itself locked up for a local charity. (File)

Sooke Council may find itself locked up for a local charity. (File)

Sooke council agrees to be jailed

It’s all part of a fundraising event for Sooke Shelter Society

A request from the Sooke Shelter Society that would see municipal councillors locked up for ransom led to more than a few laughs at council recently.

“The idea is to trap members of the council in the middle of the roundabout and have Sooke residents donate a ransom to have you released,” wrote Rachelle Sankey of the shelter society.

The funds would be used to address homelessness in Sooke.

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The letter generated acurious admission by Coun. Al Beddows who confessed to having his own jail cell at home that could be used for the event.

It was later clarified that the cell was actually a remnant from previous fundraisers.

That admission, however, led to Beddows relating a story about a previous jail for ransom fundraiser that had been held for Cops for Cancer.

“As I recall, our mayor escaped,” recalled Beddows.

“It was actually quite rewarding to see our mayor running through the street with a cop on her tail.”

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Mayor Maja Tait acknowledged the jailbreak but noted that she’d put up a good run and was only captured when she was blocked by citizens.

For his part, Coun. Tony St-Pierre mused about what would happen if not enough donations were received.

“I want a clear idea of when I get out if nobody pays,” joked St-Pierre.

In the end, all of the councillors present endorsed the concept but suggested moving the event off the roundabout to a spot at Evergreen Centre.

“People are still getting used to the roundabout, and I’d feel extremely vulnerable there,” Tait said.

Embracing the concept of misery loving company, she also suggested the shelter society might enrol some firefighters, school principals and others to share her jail cell.

No date has been set for the event.

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