One Earth-One Ocean: “Sooke Wave” Orca Event will take place June 8 in Sooke near EMCS. (Photo from the Transition Sooke Facebook Page)

One Earth-One Ocean: “Sooke Wave” Orca Event will take place June 8 in Sooke near EMCS. (Photo from the Transition Sooke Facebook Page)

Sooke event to support World Oceans Day

Demonstration to be held today near EMCS

A local group is aiming to make a splash in our awareness of “social and climate justice.”

A small group is organizing One Earth-One Ocean: Sooke Wave Orca Event, in support of social and climate justice and in recognition of World Oceans Day.

The event takes place Monday (June 8) from 4 to 5 p.m. along Sooke Road across from the Park and Ride, and will feature the Sooke Orca Pod.

The Sooke Orca Pod is a pod of handmade orcas that are brought to many events and demonstrations, which help show appreciation towards our resident whales, said event organizer Deb Wood.

“The orcas make people happy, and we want to show thanks for all that we get from the ocean,” said Wood.

She said the upcoming event is meant to honour the ocean, the orcas, and the salmon and to let people know that we need to keep working for climate change.

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“Stand up for marine animals, including our beloved southern resident orcas and wild salmon. Stand up for our forests, which help stabilize the climate. Show our compassion and concern for human rights for all,” the group stated in a Facebook post.

Wood said it is important to work together to address environmental issues, and the isolation of the pandemic highlighted how much we truly need one another.

Another organizer, Paula Johanson said the event is important for two reasons: One is that it makes the general interest in climate justice and social justice more obvious within the community, and the second reason is that it’s “nice to have a small party.”

“It’s meant to be a unifying thing. It is one of the many times people will stand together, and stand up for the natural world,” Johanson said.

“It shows we don’t have to be a famous person in a big city to have a voice. The small things, done in small towns in a part of the world which we all live, also counts. The event also offers a chance to wave at our passing neighbours, and show compassion and concern for the world.”

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People are asked to bring their own signs, or stand next to an orca cut-out, which will be placed two metres apart from one another. Those who wish to attend are also asked to wear masks and practice physical distancing.

“We are working hard towards a community that is fossil fuel free, resilient, and particularly anti-racist. We want Sooke to be accepting, honouring, and respecting to all life,” Wood said. “We have one ocean, one Earth and we need to work collectively together.”

For more information, please email Deb Wood at

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