T.A.S.K. students (in no particular order) include Tina

T.A.S.K. students (in no particular order) include Tina

T.A.S.K. students talk trades

Trades program at EMCS is enticing students to the construction trade

The time the class spends together is unusual at the high school level, and it creates for a close-knit group. “We’re one big family,” noted Tina, a young woman currently taking the T.A.S.K. course at EMCS.

It’s still a developing group though. According to EMCS instructor Blair Hughes, “some of the kids are natural leaders… and some of the kids still need to take that step, they’re not quite there yet.” The key, suggested Hughes, is to learn that leadership is less about showmanship and more about helping others find their strengths. It’s a good group of students with eclectic skills.

The EMCS students currently engaged in this year’s program had mixed feelings about their future when it comes to employment. Cort, for instance, is confident in the availability of trades jobs in the future, and Jordan is convinced in the value of the portability of the trades, adding that it’s also a good way to travel around the world while working. Hannah, on the other hand, is very concerned about her future prospects, and doesn’t want to end up in a dead-end job. She prefers the growth and challenge that the trades might offer.