This mystical creation almost seems to have come to life. The art was part of an earlier Beach Art event. (file photo)

This mystical creation almost seems to have come to life. The art was part of an earlier Beach Art event. (file photo)

Whiffen Spit beach art contest ‘a load of fun’

Artists can only use items found on the beach

It’s been said that in the mind of every artist, there is a masterpiece.

It’s a philosophy that the Sooke Community Arts Council has always believed and one its members have extended to their annual Whiffin Spit Beach Art event.

“We walk along the beach and see all these items there, and I suppose that everyone has at some time thought about creating something from all that stuff,” said Linda Gordon of the Sooke Arts Council.

The real purpose of the day is to inspire people to use their imagination.

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The Beach Art event takes place on Sept. 8, at Whiffin Spit, beginning at 11 a.m. when artists and those with an artistic soul are invited to register at the big white tent and get to work.

“You can enter as an individual, a couple or a group. We’ve even had whole sports teams show up to try to show what they can do,” Gordon said.

“The only rule is that artists can not bring any materials to the spit and are restricted to using only those objects that are found on the beach.”

Gordon said that the creations assembled from driftwood, rocks, seaweed shells and other material scavenged from the beach are often transformed into some impressive art.

“Even if you’re not competing, it really is worth coming down to watch,” Gordon said.

Margaret Bloom, this year’s coordinator of the event, said there will be cash prizes for the top three creations on the beach and the possibility of some other prizes for the rest of the participants.

“Really, it’s all about having fun and being creative,” Bloom said.

“After all, it can only be fun with a bunch of kids running around the beach, collecting bits to use in the creations.”

The fun element isn’t limited to the children, Gordon said.

“A few years back we had a team enter who were all dressed as pirates. They gave out those necklaces to passersby and shamelessly tried to bribe the judges with the fake jewels. They weren’t successful, but it was good for a lot of laughs,” recalled Gordon.

“Who knows what this year will bring.”

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