A disposable but improperly discarded face mask sits on a wall outside a downtown Salmon Arm business. (Lachlan Labere-Salmon Arm Observer)

EDITORIAL: Don’t like using disposable masks, go reusable

Others shouldn’t have to pick up improperly discarded face masks

  • Oct 21, 2020
Single use checkout bags are one of the plastic items on the list that will be banned in Canada starting in 2021. (Citizen file)

EDITORIAL: Federal plastic ban a good start — but just a start

Canadians toss out 3 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.

  • Oct 14, 2020

EDITORIAL: How about approaching the ballot box for the right reasons this year?

How about a vote based on your goals and values, not your fears?

  • Oct 6, 2020

EDITORIAL: B.C. election bid a high-stakes game

Horgan is betting it all on a single roll of the dice

  • Sep 30, 2020

EDITORIAL: Clean air can’t be taken for granted

Wildfires are a major concern to our daily lives when conditions don’t clear the smoke

EDITORIAL: Back-to-school during COVID-19 an all-new lesson

Throughout the pandemic, public health officials have tried to manage risk; here’s the next one

  • Sep 9, 2020
Furstenau says Greens no longer limited to Vancouver Island
Furstenau says NDP engineered election to wipe out opponents
Jenn Neilson on the Green Party's chances
Free Car Giveaway

EDITORIAL: Parents need options in return to school

At home and hybrid options are needed as well as in person

  • Aug 31, 2020

Editorial: Mask wearing: innocuous advice has turned into polarizing war

Why have masks become such a divisive subject? During the COVID-19 pandemic,…

  • Aug 24, 2020

Editorial: Preventing wildfires more vital than ever in 2020

We are truly our own worst enemies on this file.

  • Aug 13, 2020

EDITORIAL: Look out for the elders in your community

Do what you can’t to make sure our seniors aren’t being abused

  • Aug 6, 2020

EDITORIAL: Let’s all do our part to make this summer safe

Whether you head off into the woods, wander out on the water…

  • Jul 27, 2020

EDITORIAL: Pandemic carries a staggering cost

Forecasts from the federal government predict close to two million Canadians without…

  • Jul 21, 2020

EDITORIAL: Vancouver Island needs to check our ‘plate hate’

Don’t jump to conclusions, if you spot a legitimate concern, tell the authorities

  • Jul 15, 2020

EDITORIAL: Class of 2020 faces many challenges

But the Class of 2020 can create a new normal – one that’s fairer and gives everybody opportunity

  • Jun 22, 2020

EDITORIAL: It’s time for Canada to admit to its own racism

Make no mistake, racism exists in Canada

  • Jun 18, 2020

Editorial: Paid sick leave a must going forward

The chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak, on this issue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • May 28, 2020

EDITORIAL: Behaviour of virus under a microscope

Relaxing measures now could be a good thing - or not

  • May 21, 2020

EDITORIAL: Let’s not forget the lessons of the past

‘Greatest Generation’ and VE-Day are lessons in doing the right thing

  • May 4, 2020

EDITORIAL: If you feel creative, be creative, if you want chill, chill

Do what you need to get yourself through this period of social distancing

  • Apr 20, 2020

Sending thanks to community workers across Greater Victoria

Many are diligently helping society amidst COVID-19 fears