Drawing group being formed

New resident to Sooke wants to start life drawing group

I am a new resident of Sooke and hoping to connect with other Sooke area artists to form a Figurative Drawing Group. I was a member of such a group in Saskatoon held in the University College of Art studio and really enjoyed the experience.

The group was informal, met once a week, for a three-hour session. The main tasks of arranging models, collecting fees, coffee, goodies, music and arranging an annual show were shared amongst the members. Fees were collected weekly on the “honour” system.

Sessions could include mini drawing workshops by members, or bringing outside artists in to share ideas/techniques/etc.

I have a short list of five artists who have an interest; another fivewould get the ball rolling.

Please send indications of interest to: Elgin Ambrose at elgin.ambrose@gmail.com

(250) 266 – 0210.