Sooke artist Linda Gordon holds the rush copy of the Sooke Arts Council’s new book, “ART&WORD”. (photo contributed)

Sooke artist Linda Gordon holds the rush copy of the Sooke Arts Council’s new book, “ART&WORD”. (photo contributed)

Sooke artists and writers featured in new book

‘Art & Word’ explores links between written and visual art

It’s been said a picture is a poem without words.

The natural upshot of that concept is a poem may be a picture without a physical depiction of the scene.

These were the thoughts discussed last spring when artist Linda Gordon was speaking with Sooke poet and writer Linda Green Abraham about their creative endeavours when they came up with an idea.

Wouldn’t it be great, they thought, to put together a book that highlighted the way in which their respective crafts intersected.

“The whole idea was to create a book that would explore the way that words can inspire art and how, at other times, it’s art that serves to inspire writers,” explained Gordon.

The duo decided to act on their idea but found their concept quickly gained traction among artists and writers who, hearing about the project, asked that their own work be included in the book.

“It isn’t a new concept at all,” explained Gordon.

“It dates back to the Greek concept of Ekphrasis, in which the vivid description of a work of art through poetry and word gives greater depth and understanding to the visual experience”.

The resulting Ekphratic work, entitled “Art & Word” has now been completed and features 33 artists and writers from the Sooke Region.

“We have 88 entries in the book and all of them draw on the relationship between art and writing. The artists run the full gamut of methods, ranging from abstract painting to beat poetry to more traditional forms,” said Gordon.

“Art & Word” is published by the Sooke Arts Council and is unveiled at a special reception at the Sooke Masonic Hall Masonic Hall (6544 Throup Rd.), from 1 to 4 p.m. Complimentary refreshments will be served.

“We’ll have some readings from the book as well as some artists singing their songs (also included in the book). The visual artists will be displaying their work as well,” said Gordon.

The book is available for $35 with all proceeds supporting the Sooke Arts Council.

Following the book’s launch, it will continue to be available at Spectrum Digital (6693 Sooke Road) or at a variety of other community businesses.

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