Sooke Awareness Film Night centres on activism

Sooke Awareness Film Night centres on activism

Community activism is the focus of Awareness Film Night’s season finale.

The June 13 event will feature the film Water Warriors and then turn the rest of the evening over to moviegoers.

In just 22 short, thunderous minutes Water Warriors is the story of a New Brunswick community’s successful fight to protect its water from fracking.

It’s a familiar scenario: a small, determined group of First Nations and local activists go up against the oil and gas industry that has plans to tear up the ecosystem and use vast amounts of the local water to develop a fracking site in their region.

All over the world, people are standing up and saying: no more eco-destruction and no more corporate takeover of The Commons (“land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community”). Whether it’s stopping giant sand dredgers in Cambodia, standing up to mining companies polluting villages in South America, Help(ing) Our Wolves Live in Sooke, growing non-GMO and chemical-free food, organizing a reconciliation group or monitoring local species at risk, the list of people making a difference is long.

The post-screening discussion will be an open mic – a call to community-builders and activists.

Participants are asked to share what they are working on.

If you would like to have five or six minutes to share your work, send off an email to with some details or just show up.

Awareness Film Night is from 7 to 9 p.m. at Edward Milne Community School theatre. Admission is by donation.