In Celebration of Family

Journey Middle School students focus on the significance of family

Family Day is Monday (Feb. 17), and in celebration of the holiday, teacher Laurie Gitzel’s Grade 7 English class at Journey Middle School wrote pieces that focus on the significance of family. Here are selections of their work.



By Sarah Mullen

Today I’ll be telling you about my role model, my Dad. The reason I picked my Dad is because he is such a kind, loving man who enjoys helping people.

My Dad is a humorous, loyal man who loves to play drums and jam out with his ‘buddies’. He swims at SEAPARC every day and looks forward to Whiffin Spit walks with the dogs. He is great with kids and appreciates every puppy snuggle.

His appearance may look big and tough, but on the inside, he is nothing but a gentle, kind hearted man. His dark goatee is all I’ve ever known him as but rumour has it, before I was born, his chin was completely bald! Speaking of bald, his head has a bald spot on the top that – when my sister and I were young – painted when he fell asleep!

These precious memories are what makes me love my dad even more.

An example of one of his good deeds is that he recently committed to a very hard job for someone he barely knows. At Quality Foods in Victoria he books a boardroom for free. He is not the only one who rents it, but he goes there weekly. To keep people organized, they have a calendar to put your bookings in. My dad heard that they were getting all new calendars and everyone would have to reschedule their bookings. My dad knew that people would be mad so he offered – for completely free – to rewrite all of the bookings into the new calendars for 2020. I don’t think he expected it to be so much work, so he hired my sister and I to help him. And, after almost 15 hours of work, we are finally done.

For the past few months, my dad has been really looking for work and I am proud to announce that he has finally found a job that he’s really interested in, and after a couple interviews, we are almost certain he is going to receive an offer. I am so proud of him!

The position is Property Manager. I don’t know exactly what that is, but whatever my dad is doing I will support.

I always wonder what is going through my dad’s head when he does random things like doughnuts in the snow. It makes no sense, but that’s what he does!

I always give my dad head and shoulder massages and a funny thing he does is whenever I just brush against him when I walk past, he will say, “Oh, yes please!” and he gives me this look and when he does, we both know what he’s asking for: a massage.

Another of my dad’s weird quirks is when we are listening to music from his childhood, he will say, “Wait for it, wait for it… it’s coming, I can feel it… wait for the beat drop, it’s coming, it’s coming!” and he keeps doing that forever and ever until eventually the beat drop, or the drum solo or whatever he’s waiting for to come. It really cracks me and my siblings up!

My dad is a pretty popular guy who gets along with everybody. But, that doesn’t get in the way of him standing up for his beliefs. I hope to be just like my dad one day.



By Madison Riddell

According to the dictionary, family is defined as all the descendants of a common ancestor, but to me it is so much more. Family goes through ups and downs, and experiences the milestones and landslides of life.

Family is being together when you need each other the most. I think families are like snowflakes they are all unique, but beautiful in their own way.

Being blood related doesn’t define family. It can be a connection by marriage, companionship, or community. Blood may be thicker than water but family is thicker than blood. What I mean by that, is family will stick together in tough times becoming thicker and more powerful than any force on earth.

It’s a relationship filled with love, compassion and a little bit of sugar. It’s like baking a cake, you mix together ingredients that on their own are plain and boring, but when mixed together they make a delicious delicacy.

Maybe it’s not a perfect picture, but deep down its a bond stronger than any other. That’s what family means to me.



By Nora Quint

Family is there when people turn away

Family will hold you close and tell you it’s okay

Family is here to guide you when your feeling lost

Family is always free, they come without a cost

Some families have lost some things and need some help to heal

They like to bring out happiness, it’s the pain that they conceal

Every family is special like a meadow full of flowers

Like raindrops when they hit the land in the misty summer showers

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