A different point of view

A different point of view

Reader urges newspaper to stop name calling

A Different Point of View

Re: Time to stop the silly shots (Our View, March 6); and Time to change our approach to the internet (Viewpoint, March 20)

By looking at the Sooke News Mirror over the past few weeks it looks like it is now OK to start calling people names by labelling them if they have a different point of view than the normal, politically correct ideas that the government and the media would have us swallow.

As a mother, I question whether the myriad of vaccination shots called for children today are needed, rather than the three I had in the 1960s. I had measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox and survived, with immunity as an added benefit.

I am now labelled an anti-vaxxer with no brain in my head.

I don’t believe in abortion, and I am labelled anti-abortion.

I believe the climate is always changing, but it’s not a crisis, and I am labelled a climate-change denier.

Because I use the internet to do some careful research, I am now a “village idiot.”

If we question how a town council uses our tax dollars, we are called “prattlers,” “sour” and “sad.”

How about this? I have a different opinion in this country of Canada that supposedly has free speech. I should be allowed to voice my opinion without being labelled, vilified, and called names.

I am not an anti-vaxxer, anti-abortion, or a climate-change denier. I am pro-health, pro-life, and pro-God created this earth to survive until He sees fit to end it.

I do my research and my part to protect my family and Earth.

With all this sky is falling mentality and government taxing us to death with no real improvement in relation to climate change, we should be questioning and calling our leaders to account.

Please stop the name-calling and labelling of people in your paper. You have a bias and an opinion with which not everyone agrees.

Elizabeth Milne