Council needs to deal with Sooke Rd.

Council needs to deal with Sooke Rd.

Re: Few answers after dramatic Sooke Rd. crash (News, Sept. 19)

Yet another blockage on Sooke Road. It seems to be occurring once a week now. What’s the council doing about it?

Please don’t say it’s the Highways Ministry, and not Sooke council, who are responsible. We don’t vote for Highways.

Ninety per cent of Sooke council meetings should concern the problems with Highway 14.

What’s the point of spending time discussing what sort of flowers to plant on the roundabout when the highway is regularly blocked? School buses can’t take children home. People can’t get to and from work. Patients can’t get to the hospital.

I wonder if any of the candidates for mayor will pledge to make access in and out of Sooke their No. 1 priority.

If it’s true that Highways make the decisions not Sooke council, what is the point of having a mayoral and council race at all?

Were we simply placated recently by the announcement they were going to spend millions on Sooke Road? It will be great that the buses will be able to pull off the highway, but it won’t help when the highway is blocked.

We urgently need a new road to Sooke.

We want a council that will constantly state that clearly to the provincial government.

David Lintern