LETTER: A dog’s fowl behaviour

LETTER: A dog’s fowl behaviour

Dear editor,

My family and I live on the Sooke River, and we are always amazed at what we see: salmon spawning, seals swimming, bears on the banks, and geese and their goslings in the spring.

On May 5, 2500 yellow rubber ducks floated right by me as I stood on the river bank with my family.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was at the sight of it, and before I knew it, I had jumped in. I swam right over to the little yellow ducks and snatched one. Sadly, I had to return it.

A little while later, I snuck back and snatched another little duck, number 194.

Unfortunately, by the time it was discovered that I had done this, the little duck was covered in my love bites and couldn’t be returned.

I want to thank the Sooke Harbourside Lions with providing us with such a lovely event. I also want to say that my family will be sending a donation to the Hourbourside Lions so that more rubber ducks can be purchased for future mishaps…I mean events.


Lucy The Springer

Rob and Sheila Barry

Sooke River, Sooke