LETTER: Complex pro rep systems give politicians more power

LETTER: Complex pro rep systems give politicians more power

Re: PR will bring voice to rural voters (Letters, Nov. 21)

Jerry Haustein sneers at rural voters.

In reality rural people are closer to reality, must have broader knowledge to be more self-sufficient, and are well aware of what feeds and shelters them.

I am regularly appalled by the ignorance of city dwellers, such as the person who was feeding raccoons near the doors to apartments – they began sneaking into apartments and ransacking kitchens.

When challenged the idiot said raccoons are so cute and wouldn’t hurt anyone, irresponsibly ignorant of the fact that they are wild creatures who will do what they think they think to live their life. Unfortunately people like her have a vote.

Haustein then makes a huge leap without logic from his false claim about rural voters to his notion that proportional representation is sure to help rural residents. Seems like fantasizing.

The big problem with any voting system is too much government power over individuals, thus political power maneuvering is common.

The Green party of B.C. now has its nose in the tent thus it is convenient for them to promote the complex versions of proportional representation now being voted on in B.C. Those convoluted schemes give more power to established political parties and less to citizens.

Keith Sketchley



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