LETTERS: Cyclist feels safe on the road

LETTERS: Cyclist feels safe on the road

I am writing to thank the many drivers I have encountered riding my tricycle in and around Sooke.

My tricycle is my only means of independent transportation so I ride from Saseenos into Sooke almost every day.

I often have to move from the shoulder of the road into the traffic either because the shoulder becomes too narrow, is full of debris, or disappears entirely. I also need to be on the road to cross the bridge and to change lanes to avoid a right turning lane or to turn left.

I try to do this as safely as possible and cause minimal delays to traffic following me by seconds rather than minutes.

All the drivers I have encountered on my rides have shown me great courtesy, following me at a respectful distance, passing me safely, allowing me to safely change lanes and turn left, and waiting patiently as I pass in front of them when they are exiting a side road.

My tricycle provides me with essential transportation and a stable, comfortable and ergonomic design that enables me to climb steep hills. Thanks to the many drivers I have encountered, I feel I have a safe and very enjoyable ride.

Don Brown