LETTERS: Sunken boats left in Cooper Cove

LETTERS: Sunken boats left in Cooper Cove

There seems to be quite a kerfuffle over boats sinking at Brentwood Bay, but at least the Canadian Coast Guard and DFO are reacting quickly.

Why have there been two sunken, and semi-sunken boats left here in Cooper Cove for over a year?

When a little turquoise fishing boat sunk and covered the cove with a sheen of diesel fuel, chum and coho salmon were passing through on their way to spawn in Ayum Creek.

Coast Guard declined to act, saying the fuel would evaporate and the spill wasn’t large enough to merit a response. The little boat is still there.

The sunken pleasure boat closer to the highway is above the waterline sometimes, but not always. This seems to be a hazard to navigation, and it also detracts from the beauty of Cooper Cove.

It’s odd that there are two vastly different reactions to two similar events, as Sooke is every bit as beautiful and deserving of protection as Brentwood Bay.

Ted Roberts