Sooke residents are leading the way to a greener future by having heat pump systems installed in their homes.

Sooke residents are leading the way to a greener future by having heat pump systems installed in their homes.

Sooke residents leading with a greener, cleaner example

When it comes to climate change, we’re all in this together, and Sooke residents are doing their part by taking positive steps to reduce emissions.

According to the District of Sooke, around 16 per cent of emissions in the community come from residential buildings, with 80 per cent of that coming from home heating and cooling.

There are, however, many options and incentives for installing systems in your home that can both reduce both energy costs and negative impacts on the environment.

One option being embraced by an increasing number of Sooke homeowners, including Helen Ritts, is the installation of a heat pump – a more efficient way to heat and cool their space.

“In the fall, we did a long-awaited upgrade and got a heat pump. It is no exaggeration to say that this winter we commented daily on how wonderful life is with a heat pump,” Ritts says. “This was the first winter we were warm in our little house. We turned off the baseboard heaters and haven’t used the propane fireplace once this year.”

A heat pump can be a better option than the combination of an air conditioner and a conventional furnace or baseboard heating for several reasons. A heat pump is extremely efficient, which can save on energy bills, and it performs both heating and cooling functions in one system.

The potential installation cost of a heat pump can cause hesitancy, however, several incentives are available, including provincial rebates, federal rebates, and a CRD Group Purchase Rebate.

“Now with summer coming, the heat pump can cool our house as well, if needed,” Ritts says. “The provincial and federal rebates definitely helped with our decision to go forward, as well as saving $500 a year on propane and its associated greenhouse gas emissions.”

The District of Sooke invites residents to pledge their commitment and share a story or photos for their chance to win an e-bike from Fuca Cycles. To enter, visit Pledges for this contest will be received until August 15.

“Sooke has a goal of reducing our emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 and it will take all of us working together to reach this target,” says District of Sooke Communications Coordinator, Christina Moog. “We hope that by sharing stories of Sooke residents and citizens’ neighbours, they may be inspired and better supported to make the change themselves.”

For general information about how you can make changes, and about rebates, contact CleanBC Energy Coach at 1-844-881-9790 or submit a Contact Form.