BC Hydro crew replacing a power pole. (BC Hydro photo)

BC Hydro crew replacing a power pole. (BC Hydro photo)

BC Hydro set to replace 700 poles in Greater Victoria this year

One up for replacement on Vancouver Island dates back to pre Second World War

One of the oldest utility poles in the province is on Vancouver Island and among the 8,000-plus set to be replaced this year.

BC Hydro crews are replacing the wood poles, including more than 700 in Greater Victoria as part of its ongoing maintenance program. The average lifespan of a wooden power pole is 40 to 50 years, with more than 10 per cent of BC Hydro’s poles currently in use beyond the five-decade mark. Among the oldest is one in use since 1938.

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BC Hydro has about 900,000 wooden poles that hold more than 58,000 kilometres of overhead distribution lines across the province.

According to BC Hydro, adverse weather, insects and wildlife all contribute to the deterioration of the poles over time. Crews will notify customers in-person, or by mail or phone for any scheduled outages needed for the maintenance or replacement of poles.


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