CRD water remains safe to drink

CRD water remains safe to drink

District increases disinfectant dosage, resulting in slight chlorine taste, odour

Greater Victoria residents may find their drinking water tastes slightly different – but it’s no cause for panic.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) has increased the disinfectant dosage (both ultraviolet and chloramination) in the water as a precaution to reduce concentrations of coliform, which may result in a slight chlorine taste and odour in the water.

It remains safe to drink.

According to the CRD, there are higher than normal levels of total coliform bacteria in the Sooke Lake Reservoir, the primary drinking water resource for the Regional Water Supply System serving Greater Victoria.

Total coliform bacteria are naturally occurring in raw, untreated water and concentrations to fluctuate.

Staff are monitoring the quality and safety of the water closely.