Designs start on DeMamiel Creek crossing

Designs start on DeMamiel Creek crossing

The project will connect Sunriver Estates with the side of the river near Phillips Road

Sooke Council has decided on a design for the DeMamiel Creek pedestrian crossing.

At a recent open house, Sooke residents were asked to give their feedback between two crossing options: the first was a longer more luxurious walk, and the second option was shorter but steeper.

Council said the majority of feedback received from the public pointed towards option number 1, the longer walk.

Designs are now starting on the trail crossing, and a rough draft is expected by the end of summer.

The trail is expected to be 400 metres long, beginning at the central trail in DeMamiel Creek Park and connecting up to the school grounds near Journey Middle School.

More details are needed before a cost can be determined, said a district official.

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