Erratic driver puts Oak Bay Half Marathon runners at risk

Erratic driver puts Oak Bay Half Marathon runners at risk

Oak Bay Police respond to rental scam, auto theft and a sleepy driver

Oak Bay Police responded to 100 calls for service last week but none were as disappointing to the officers as the erratic driver of a van during the May 26 Oak Bay Half Marathon.

Oak Bay Police witnessed and reported in social media that multiple drivers expressed their concerns, from the confines of their vehicle, that temporary road closures for the marathon route impeded their Sunday lifestyle.

The erratic driver of the van was seen near Oak Bay Marina. Oak Bay Police observed the van travelling at an unsafe speed to the intersection and the driver was honking at runners. A Reserve Constable assigned to the event attempted to speak with the driver, but the driver failed to obey the direction to stop, and proceeded through without the consideration of others.

This investigation is still ongoing.

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On Tuesday, May 21, police received a report of a rental scam, a thief taking advantage of the competitive rental housing market in Oak Bay and Greater Victoria.

The victim transferred money to a “landlord” for a damage deposit on a rental unit and two months rent. The victim later discovered that the unit did not exist. This investigation is ongoing.

Tuesday also saw a break-and-enter into a parked car at Oak Bay Recreation Centre and a two-vehicle rear-ender collision at Fort at Foul Bay roads. The victim of the auto break-in reported the rear driver side window was smashed and a number of personal items were stolen. In the rear-ender, a driver stopped to turn left and was hit from behind by a new driver who was issued a violation ticket for failing to display “N” and for following too close.

Police caught Oak Bay minors smoking marijuana at Bowker Creek. Officers located the youths and seized a small quantity of marijuana, a bong and two grinders were seized. A violation ticket was issued under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (CCLA) Sec 73(1).

On Wednesday the Oak Bay Police came across a single motor vehicle collision in the 1000-block of Foul Bay Rd. The male occupant of the vehicle fell asleep and drove into a tree, causing extensive damage to the vehicle. The male was transported by ambulance to hospital for treatment and was subsequently issued a violation ticket for drive without due care.

Make your address clear

In a plea to make a first responder’s job easier, Oak Bay Police are reminding homeowners and residents to keep their address clear.

Police sometimes run into difficulty responding to house calls because of unclear addresses.

“Help us help you,” said Deputy Chief Ray Bernoties. “If you can’t see your house number from the road, neither can we.”

Every second counts in an emergency, that’s why it’s important that your house is clearly marked for emergency personnel, he added.

“Firefighters, police officers, and paramedics will be able to find you faster when your home is properly marked,” said Bernoties.

Put the address numbers under lighting and use numbers with a contrasting background so they will be visible at night. Keep the numbers visible by trimming trees and bushes.