Fall-ing for unseasonably warm weather in Victoria

Environment Canada forecast calls for sunshine through weekend

Last week we told you to expect seven days of sunshine throughout Greater Victoria, and that trend is continuing this week too.

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Despite the calendar flipping into fall, and the leaves beginning to change, October has been unseasonably warm on Southern Vancouver Island.

Temperatures have been reaching into the high teens and Environment Canada is calling for the sunshine to continue right through the week once again, with highs up to 19 degrees and clear skies at night hovering around six degrees.

Average daytime temperatures for this time of year in the Capital region average between 13 and 14 degrees, meaning temperatures this week are expected be a few degrees higher each day. The average nighttime lows will also be slightly higher than average too.

Record high and low temperatures for Oct. 19 were both set in the 1940’s with it reaching 19.4 degrees in 1944 and alternately -1.7 degrees in 1949 on this date in history.

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