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ICBC reveals worst Sooke intersections for crashes

Sooke Road intersections dominate the list

The Sooke Region’s most dangerous intersections will likely be part of your daily commute.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia recently published a list of the region’s top crash intersections for 2021, and Sooke Road dominates the list.

Sooke’s worst intersection for crashes, with 16 recorded last year, is at Sooke Road and Otter Point Road, according to ICBC’s July report.

Slightly further east is the second-worst intersection for crashes at Sooke Road-Durban Road and Edward Milne Road, with 15 crashes reported.

Other Sooke Road intersections to top the list are Phillips Road (12), Gillespie (11), Church Road (9) and Connie Road (7), while the West Coast Road and Grant Road West intersection recorded five crashes.

Meanwhile, according to the report, the Sooke Road-Durban Road and Edward Milne Road intersection recorded the most casualties, with 10.

ICBC reports an average of 875 crashes per day on B.C. roads, or 36 every hour.

The public auto insurer offers these safety tips for drivers:

• Drive smart: Every driver is responsible for knowing your part, following the rules of the road and helping keep everyone safe.

• It can wait: No call or text is so important it’s worth risking your life or the lives of others. When driving, leave your phone alone.

• Scan intersections: Approach intersections cautiously and look for other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Yield the appropriate right-of-way.

• Let others into your lane: Don’t speed up as someone is trying to pass you. Help the other driver into your lane by slowing down and making room. And if you’re let in, say thanks with a courtesy wave.

• Stay alert and focused: Listen to your instinct before you get behind the wheel. If you’re tired, ill or emotionally upset, consider taking a break from driving. Emotions and attitudes impact driving abilities.

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