A Langford man will serve 15 months for child pornography charges. (File Photo)

A Langford man will serve 15 months for child pornography charges. (File Photo)

Langford man sentenced to 15 months for child pornography collection

Andre Mollon sentenced for posession of more than 1,000 child pornography images and 70 videos

Warning: This story contains details that may be disturbing to readers.

A Langford man was sentenced last Wednesday for his vast collection of child pornography images and videos, including spanking videos.

Andre Mollon, 50, was convicted one charge of possessing and one charge of transmitting or making available child pornography in December, 2017.

The charges stem from the discovery of 2016 Yahoo Chat messages where Mollon transmitted child pornography images, as well as 2,700 unique images and over 100 videos allegedly containing child pornography uncovered on his devices. Many videos depicted children being spanked by an adult, either with a spoon or open hand.

Approximately 1,600 images and 70 videos were accessible and declared by Justice David Crossin to constitute child pornography. The ‘spanking videos’ were not counted as proof of possession but as ‘material in aggravation of the offense.’

A psychological assessment on referral from the court, reports the doctor, Evan Lopes, “was struck by Mr. Mollon’s lack of assumption of guilt and responsibility.”

“As such he showed a lack of remorse, failing to note the connection between consumption and fabrication of child pornography and the resulting responsibility for the victimization of children,” says Lope’s report.

While both charges are punishable by mandatory minimum incarceration sentences – one year for transmission and six months for possession – Mollon’s lawyer argued the minimum sentencing provisions were ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ in violation of Mollon’s constitutional rights.

Crossin did declare the mandatory minimum sentencing to be unconstitutional but ultimately sentenced Mollon to six months in prison for the possession charge and 15 months in prison for the transmission charge – to be served concurrently.

His sentences will be followed by a three-year probation period in which he is prohibited from visiting public parks, swimming areas, daycare centres, school grounds, playgrounds or community centres where children could be present.

He will also be prohibited from being in contact or alone in the presence of any persons under 18-years-old and must attend counselling as directed by his probation officer.

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